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Adam's Musical Legacy

In Loving Memory of Adam

Welcome to The Golf Hub, in Association with The IFOC - Information Collaborators.

The Red Kite Issue 002 September 02/2023

Let me start by saying I am a Protopage Consultant and this is a White As Milk - Genesys Document. It is a HTML document typted on an Apple Mac using Text Mate without Grammeley.

A History of IT Development at Withington Golf Club in Manchester

I started my IT development in golf on an IBM Mainframe in 1974 at Ingersoll Rand. I joined Houldsworth Golf Club in 1983 where a member was looking to write a system for the new golf handicapping system - I looked into it and observed that Club Systems were in the frame to capture that market.

Houldsworth is where I cut my teath with The Oasis Project - An attempt to run a Party in the Park and Intranet Quiz.

I have attempted to promote Houldworthgolfclub.com through the club as a Social Member - doing the Quiz. Sadly HGC were not interested - But a Party in the Park has happened - Noel Galagher and his High Flying Birds entertained us on 26/08/2023 at Wythenshae Park near the Speakers Corner / The Sanctuary / Shady Hollow. Noel was contacted and was invited to join The IFOC - This has given us the Opportunity to launch Shady Hollow (with a Dr Bernice King Eulogy).

In 1988 I joined Withington where Zac Ali an Internet Provider was a member - he produced a technically excellent web site for Withington - superior to Didsbury Golf Club (that was developed by a member).

Zac did not do the Meta Data or SEO as the club was reluctant to the development.

Withington did move on with a couple of new website - hopeless realy - not providing any functionality to the membership.

Somewhere along the way I got involved in the club and got Club Systems to install it's package into the club with member access in the club house.

I saw an advert in the Manchester Evening New for club systems looking for VB Programmers. I wanted to work for club systsms so i went to their offices to tell them that they were recuiting the wrong skillset - that they should be looking to the www and development in ASP.NET.

I must admit I was a little hyper and over enthusiastic so club systems did not appreciate my comments and and asked me who was I telling them what to do!

WGC moved forward with Club Systems when they moved into provioding a WWW service - albeit well short of the service that I propose with Google Documents.

WGC still fall short in the area of event management for Twilight Golf and Social Events.

The Golf hub was produced in 2016 following the death of my son who had started the process with The Golf Channel. I had started work on WGC Golf Site in 2007 after being awarded the position of IT Startegist for Young Masters Golf

WGC was to become the model for UK Golf.

About Vision 21

In 1988 working with Scott Currie - Live In PGA Professional at WGC (Boysnope) - I had the vision of a world wide network of Home servers managed by Golf Assistsnt Professionals.

I supoported Scott being his personal IT Consultant - (he needed my services when he assaulted his machine) - in exchange for me becomming his assistant - we spent hours on the balcony discussing golf - looking at golf books.

Whilst I ran a home server from 2002 to 2022 Vision 21 dream is now dead as I can not find a service provider that configures hubs and machines for IIS port 80 access.

Plus there is a support risk with running a home server so we are now opting for Go Daddy Web Hosting under SSNA.

2023 The Proposed Solution for business.

Whilst the Golf Hub is here - offering you lessons (password - Lessons) - I must add that the lessons have not been updated since about 2018 and that there should be many more that I hope you will find and register with Infonet Services (Password Infonet). - Sign in to the Golf Hub Protopage site with the password Infonet and start to add your own YouTube Lessons.

The Standard for the WWWW is as follows - Continue with Club Systems but include Active Web Services (SSNA - Structured Social Networking Applications) - Protopage is the Root and the Portal for Twilight Golf - Followed by Webador Promo / Wordpress Blog / Wix Shop Click and Collect (Protopage Shop) / Facebook / Instagram X (Formally Twitter) and other Social Media sites as they come into force.

About Protopage


Protopage is the most fantatic of all Social Networking sites - it allows you to set up Framesets that shares content with Infonet Users / Study Buddies.

For The Directors Table it allows public space / password protected - where Directors can manage suggestions and club business. It is a portal for club news print, (The Birdie) and Pocasts (Granada Reports). It is a reach out publication called Lokhul Reporter / What's On meant to attract visitors to Room 101 / Studio 54 events

By using Google Forms you can manage Twilight Golf Competions for Play More / Play Less Golf Societies - or extend invitation in the form of the MM Invitational to National / Intrnational events for Golf Shake

Proto page is a marvalous tool - Ben And Jacks is the stock Recording System - It could be used for members car boot sales - a form of Ebay.

Any club not using Protopage Active Web services are really missing out on an opportunity to bring the local neighourhood into the business.

Welcome to http://protopage.com/magnacarta - a register of Protopage Active Clients. Now being developed at The Manchester Database.

Attempts to promote Protopage have been pityful - a Hotmail Account called High5local was created to mailshot golf clubs in Manchester. We hit 101 clubs and got only 3 reponses - two of them was rude - requested we delete the club from the mailshot.

The reaction to this development from Withington Golf Club has been disgraceful - The Secretary Manager - (James Dunn) - refusing to publish that The Golf Hub exists - The primary reason for the existance of the Golf Hub is to give lessons to team players.

Trouble at Mill

Myself and WGC have had a fall out - they have refused to promote The Golf Hub for 7 years - Whilst I am no longer a member I will now start to clear down the Multiple Frame Sets - Attempts at Publication (Approximately 20 Attempts) so that WGC becomes the standard for Business and Industry - (Henry VIII Format - For King's Project).

Godaddy Development

Strung off SSNA is Traditional Web Development

Green Pages Info - Business Directort for Golf Club Members.

Young Masters Golf

In 2007 I was appointed IT Strategist for YMG - The plan being producing The Stratbox teaching 60,000 young golfers IT / Sales And Marketting / Management

Well I can announce on Saurday 2 September 2023 - That Whistleblower has been released delailing all the work that we have been doing setting up Universities and Colleges for The IFOC - The Independant Foundation Of Co-Operatives and The Commencement of The Manchester Database

Forest 404 is our new Infonet Search Engine and we are operating out of The Midland Hotel Manchester.

I would like to thank James Dunn ( Secretary at Withinton Golf Club for inviting me to work on Project Adam with him - you can review IFOC progress on http://jamesdunn.live

The Directotors Table

Whilst considerable effor was put in to The Directors Table it is now being cleared down in preparations for King's Project.

Enjoy Whistleblower

- Thousands of hours development has been put into it for the Junior Section of Withington Golf Club - (None Existant!)


James Dunn still has the franchise to print Oak House / Infinity Discount cards at £101 - (Room 101 agreed with Will Powell) - For Oak House bootcamp events.

I am leaving the organisation of an Air B and B visit by Dr Bernice King and Greta Thunberg for a Manchester University Boot Camp with Professor Brian Cox.

Welcome to the world of AGI - Bard Google and ChatGPT.

By using Forest404.com instead of Google you will raise funds to support our fight against global warming - creating a summit of experts using the Infonet / Supernet / Hypernet / Lone Star Net is a worlds first.

God bless Adam Bramwell

For his continued leadership and thank to Richard Gilbert for his technical expertise

My heart goes out to David Gosling - Inpirational! but a lost cause - Typical PGA man.

Thank you David for BSG Elite - we will look back on this being a fun time....

John Southwick

Past Captain / Chairman at Withington Golf Club once warned me about working with Golf Professionals - he said that they will take from you and never give you anything back. They are used to dealing with Directors and Business men and have the upper hand over them - They expect service from you.

John - This has been the case - I should have listened to you and stayed away from golf - WGC has brough me nothing but missery.

Work on the Golf Hub is now frozen - we will focus on WGC and The Manchester Database - Projects Peterloo and Pankhurst - King's / Empire and Nimrod - Zeus and Turin / Tantalas (Oak House) - The FIOC and The Midland Hotel Manchester (Oppenheimer)