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This site contains old stuff that my not be relevant now.

The Manchester Database

We are getting far too far ahead of Richard in this Project - Nimrod is now on Relaese 2.0 - The Manchester Database

We will delay code till April to give Richard time to catch up - then the Wigby Pankhurst development will not be needed - Richard will do Longhorn Peterloo - SQL Server Applications requiring Protosearch.

  • The Manchester Database

  • Happy Christmas Richard

    Let make 2024 a memorable year - please put the hours in on Protosearch project Empire and Turin - I will focus on Wigby Pankhurst - Nimrod Relase 2.0 11/11/2024 11:11:11


    Welcome to The Golf Hub, in association with Red Octopus Business Services.

    Vision 21 - Utopia

    This site commenced in 1998 as a PGA Systems site is a vision of Utopia for the 21 century. In 2007 it expanded into The Meta Verse when we took on Protopage. It now enables us to Partner any company in the world - from Mamcnester United to Google.

    Our flagship enterprise - what we call Google Version II is Forest 404 - We are developing Protosearch to search on Genre / Metadata / Description and SEO and we are creating Magna Carta for King Charles III - an Air Tasker Extension where we search on Country / County / Post Code / Golf Hub

    Please Enter the site to see some of the hundreds of websites that we have to offer.

    This development has allowed us to move into Multi Media with many Newsprints / Radio Stationas and TV Stations

    The Product Owner is Adam Bramwell who commited suicide in 2016 - he is an angel we ae in contact with him nightly - thats if you beleive in angels - he is constantly on our minds and inspires us to do our best - he has over 127 Million //you tube views as Snaresaaday.

    it would be our Utopia if all school children were to start to use Forest404.con and start to write SQL Server Applications that we are teaching at our colleges and academies

    And if all new businesses started to use Business Model Canvas and go forward creating Protopage SSNA Sites - Wix / Wordpress / Webador / Facebook / X / Instagram / Linkedin

    Please donate to our Just Giving Site to allow us to employ programmers for The Manchester Database.