About The Golf Hub

The Golf Hub is about two main issues, the first is connecting golf professionals to members of our community which do not normally associate themselves with golf clubs.

We aim to address golf at grass roots level from your local park to resourt golf of the highest standard.

The Golf Hub is also an IT Infrastructure exercise promoting the CRM solution Protopage, we have here the standards which we believe that every golf professional should have.

This is our shop window for our newly defined software house which is aimed at servicing the needs of golf professionals throughout the world.

With established links to development houses in the uk, a high street shop and links with India we can undertake outsourcing projects of any size and scale.

For over 10 years we have had an association with David Gosling at Bitesize Golf where we service junior golf development free of charge under the Manchester City Council Community Guardian scheme.

For over 20 years I have been the personal IT consultant for Mr Scott Currie - Golf Professional. We have talked hundreds of hours about golf, you could say I am the oldest golf assistant in town.

Recently I have gained a teaching qualification and hope to put it to good use at The Golf Hub - creating Lesson Plans for the society. I have content too for Sales and Management training.

Usiing the technology which I have available I have defined a solution called MediGolf where golfing training records can be stored, a simple modest effort. This first phase is a prototype, if the professionals take to it we will develop an enterprise scale bespoke application - possibly for mobile devices.

Alan Bramwell - IT Strategist/Consultant - Community Guardian (BA019) / Digital Champion.


The 19th Hole.

The Golf Hub

If you look hard and click the Protopage chevons on the right hand side of the screen you will see that it opens up tabs containing YouTube videos.

The Quiz

Short but not so easy.


Please complete this form if you are interested in entering a team into an event at Sandiway Golf Club.