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Welcome to The Golf Hub, in association with Red Octopus Business Services.

The Golf Hub is the champion of the free web service known as Protopage - We have utilised Protopage for a number of Projects since 2007

Our latest offering is Manchester Music which is in memory of Adam Bramwell who has over 87 Million YouTube hits. Fac-X TV is compiled from time to time to celebrate Manchester Music. It is just a small part of what Protopage can do. My favorite use is as a front end to Sharepoint - it makes seaching for documemts so so quick and simple.

We aim to be the UK number one provider of golf club IT services, from the supply of hardware through the devcelopment of web sites and onto the creation of bespoke applications where needed.

In addition to supplying services we are focusing on education and will be putting together a portfolio of On-Line learning.

Below we have identified our target audience - take a look and see if what we have is what you need.

We aim to look at golf clubs where web development is needed and will go through the process of reverse engineering the site before proposing to the council of said club, the process of showcasing will considerably reduce the cost of web development - a small webite like that of Hitec Computers in Cheadle cost in the range of £600 to develop by showcasing the development first it should bring the cost down to circa £300.

I am currently going through the process of showcasing the conversion of a Club Systems site to bespoke development by LV Media in Cheadle.

A link to this site will be sent to members of the WGC Council for their comments.

The Mersey League

Protopage was registered for WGC in 2007 as an Active Solution to manyy of the golf club functions

It has been rejected twice already - now that we utilise cloud technology it may be a different outcome

The work that we are doing here on re-modelling WGC will not be wasted - It will Showcase Hitec Computers in Cheadle where I am employed as a Freelance Consultant

Green Pages

This is the Golf Hub Business Directory - Lead out by Didsbury Golf club Partnership Page

In time I hpe to expand Green Pages to include every club in Manchester - which can be determined by visiting Golf Central