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This site contains old stuff that my not be relevant now.

The Manchester Database

We are getting far too far ahead of Richard in this Project - Nimrod is now on Relaese 2.0 - The Manchester Database

We will delay code till April to give Richard time to catch up - then the Wigby Pankhurst development will not be needed - Richard will do Longhorn Peterloo - SQL Server Applications requiring Protosearch.

  • The Manchester Database

  • Happy Christmas Richard

    Let make 2024 a memorable year - please put the hours in on Protosearch project Empire and Turin - I will focus on Wigby Pankhurst - Nimrod Relase 2.0 11/11/2024 11:11:11


    Welcome to The Golf Hub, in association with Red Octopus Business Services.

    The Golf Hub is the champion of the free web service known as Protopage - We have utilised Protopage for a number of Projects since 2007

    Our latest offering is Manchester Music which is in memory of Adam Bramwell who has over 127 Million YouTube hits. Fac-X TV is compiled from time to time to celebrate Manchester Music. It is just a small part of what Protopage can do. My favorite use is as a front end to Sharepoint - it makes seaching for documemts so so quick and simple.

    We aim to be the UK number one provider of golf club IT services, from the supply of hardware through the devcelopment of web sites and onto the creation of bespoke applications where needed.

    In addition to supplying services we are focusing on education and will be putting together a portfolio of On-Line learning.

    Below we have identified our target audience - take a look and see if what we have is what you need.

    The golf hub has come forward a long way since 2007 when the golf lessons were introduces.

    it is now the home of the Infonet -

    22 December saw the release of Nimrod 1.0 - Forest Search Engine - release 2.0 will see the arrival of Protosearch

    We have release early because we wanted to get SantaNet out there - our Charity Service for The Erica Foundation Tust

    Christmas day saw us looking at our Premier Care Database - 101 golf clubs and saw our Partnership proposals to The Golf Business / Manchester United / Factory International - Aviva Studios / The Midland Hotel Manchester and Air Tasker

    Boxing day we had a party with Emma - CEO, Emma refuses to look at the work that we do - she is against it as I have been diagnosed with Bi-Polar due to my infatuation with project Nimrod - which is really unfair as I am driven and I like to work nights..... Its now 04:28:00 in the morning 27/12/2023.

    Soon for 2024 I will be working on project Quo Vadiz - The Manchester Database - a Payroll / HR / Union Solution for Golf Clubs = Project Xenophon

    in 2006 I was appointed Education Strategist for Young Masters Golf

    I am pleased to announce that we have started developing Pod Casts for The Bobby Charlton Infonet

    Whilst Emma is not invovled with Infonet and Intranet services she has stated that Magna Carta development should start in Room 101 - So look Out for Room 101. Richard will develop Magna Carta for Protoseaches by Country / Count / Past Code and Air Tasker Search by SEO.

    here is a quick preview of Wenophon PFPS :

    Xenophon PFPS -

    r - one year experience o - two year experience y - three year experience g - four year experience b - five year experience i - six year experience v - seven year experience Bronze - Patio work Silver - Pond Work Gold - Lawn Care Platinum - Boarders Diamond - Designer Scrum Master

    It is proposed that our Air Tasker Team has two Union Cards -

    1 for length of service as a Green Staff in the Golfing Industry.

    2 Proficiency in ground work.

    We will ensure that each employee has a Pay for Performance factor that determines his pay grade and scale - Part of our Xenophon Payroll and HR System

    Richard Gilbert is currently working on Research and Development for Blasor Azure project Turin - Student / Tutor / Course Registration.

    When he has mastered the process he will make the source code available for BSG-Elite Students